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Our Robots' Areas of Expertise:


Robotized welding guarantees companies a strategic place and a competitive positioning on the market Robotik™ will accompany their clients throughout the integration process of the robotics. Welders can concentrate on complex tasks while the robots complete the more repetitive jobs. This helps to lower labour costs while improving efficiency and productivity.



Robotic manipulation is a flexible technology that can provide a multitude of opportunities for companies who need to add to their workforce without increasing labour costs. Robotik™ works with customers to find robotic features that best suit their needs. Their result-oriented approach contributes to convincing spin-offs in the production chain of any manufacturing company. Robotik™ has numerous projects in this field.



Robotic palletization can be done with a variety of objects - bags, boxes, crates, infills and pallets - and provides faster an uninterrupted work. Thanks to its various stacking layout possibilities, this technology provides great flexibility while eliminating the physical and repetitive human efforts required. The palletizer thus eliminates the risk of work-related accidents that occur when moving heavy and bulky goods or when difficulties arise because of height.



Our experienced specialists develop scalable robotic tools, adapted to the specific needs of your company and designed specifically for each of your products. The selected tool makes a difference in robotic projects and allows your business to stand out among the competition. This technology optimizes the efficiency of your robotic cells and allows you to take your business to the next level. 



and Flexibility

Robotik™ is FANUC-certified and is a world leader in robot manufacturing, who meets the highest requirements in the industry. It benefits from the expertise of FANUC during the training sessions offered to all members of the team on a regular basis. Robotik™ relies on MATISS to validate any electrical engineered and mechanical projects.

The project planning process starts with a needs analysis to provide clients with a transparent view of the project requirements. Robotik™ always provides customers with plans, specifications, and parts lists, including all the components of the robotic cells it implements.

The Robotik™ team of experts bring a strategic approach and an innovative vision to ensure the timely delivery of projects. Throughout the process, Robotik provides companies with the tools they need to succeed in their integration project.



Needs Analysis
  • Develop a robotized cell according to your needs;
  • Deliver a profitability analysis;
  • List all costs;
  • Timeline forecast.
Simulation and Design
  • Build 2D/3D plans to improve the ergonomic approach, security, cycles timing, floor space needed, robots’ shifting, all before the robotized cell delivery;
  • Provide efficient project management by tracking completion of the tasks, which allows for a better traceability of your shipments.
  • Production and manufacturing of the equipment;
  • Manage subcontractors needed for the equipment production;
  • Track costs and choose the best options to make sure customers will get the best return on investment.
Prototypes et bancs d'essai
Turnkey projects (Test benches, prototypes)
  • The production of equipment , from A to Z;
  • Manufacturing a prototype to eliminate uncertainties and minimize the risk of your project;
  • Installation of your production line in our factory to facilitate equipment approvals before the final installation at your factory.
Support technique
Technical Support
  • Employees available to answer your questions and solve problems related to robotics;
  • Access to source codes, mechanical drawings and mechanical concepts at all times.


Robotik™ is well-known for its high-quality innovative approach!




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